NPHC Intake


National Pan-Hellenic Council Intake

The National Pan-Hellenic Council does not hold a structured/formal recruitment period collectively. Instead, each organization conducts a process called membership intake. The Council hosts a NPHC Forum in the fall semester to help interested students learn more about the community and the organizations. Individual organizations will choose when and if they will conduct intake each semester after approval is received from the regional/national level.

Members of NPHC Groups

Interested in Joining?

Here are your next steps:

  • Attend the NPHC Forum: A council event that will help you learn more about our organizations and the intake process: More details to come soon on this event!
  • Review Your Eligibility
    • Have a focus on community service and campus involvement
  • Attend Individual Organization Events: Each organization will host interest meetings and informationals through the year. Attending these, as well as other organization events, are a great way to meet members and show interest in the organization.
  • Prepare for lifelong membership: As with all four councils, NPHC membership is a lifelong commitment. For NPHC particularly, membership continues after college and into the alumnae chapters.