Solo Service

As a type of Individual Service, Solo Service offers individual and small group volunteer opportunities with Engage Dallas Community Partners.



Engage Dallas Solo Service Reflection

Solo Service offers students the flexibility to complete direct service hours, but it also helps Engage Dallas to meet the unique needs of our Community Partners.

Solo Service description and characteristics 

Solo Service is a type of Engage Dallas Individual Service. It is distinct from monthly or annual service opportunities. Solo Service provides semi-structured opportunities for students to volunteer and provide direct service on an individual basis. Since the needs of our Community Partners vary, our partners may not need a group of volunteers. Our partners may require one-off or a single volunteer on a one-off or reoccurring basis. Engage Dallas curates these individual service opportunities by Residential Commons Affiliation for students to volunteer as their schedule and the community-need aligns. 

Solo Service is characterized by:

  • Individual, or sometimes a pair, of students participate in service
  • Students organize their own transportation to and from the service site
  • Students sign-up or schedule directly with the Community Partner representative 
  • An Engage Dallas Student Director is not present during service
  • Students must register and respond to monthly check-in emails from Engage Dallas until complete
  • Students track their individual service hours via the Community Partner process or on their Engagement Hours Log 

How to participate in Solo Service

Now that you understand Solo Service, its time to explore opportunities, register, and serve. Below is the Solo Service process.

Yellow circle wit ha white number 1 inside

Check out the Solo Service opportunities available to you based on your Residential Commons Affiliation.

Within the Engage Dallas Canvas Course, you must have completed the process outlined on the Join your Residential Commons page under Modules. Once you joined, click People under the course navigation and visit the Volunteer Opportunities page under Pages within your Residential Commons homepage.
Yellow circle with a white number 2 inside

Complete the Engage Dallas Individual Service Registration form.

This form is linked from your Residential Commons' Volunteer Opportunities page in Canvas, see above. The registration form requires you to: (1) identify the community partner, (2) specify the type of volunteer work you will be performing, (3) complete a waiver, and (4) acknowledge code of conduct and communication expectations. 

Yellow circle with a white number 3 inside

Respond to monthly check-in emails from Engage Dallas.

These check-in emails are meant to track the number of students serving via Engage Dallas. We also offer opportunities to provide feedback (compliments or complaints) along the way. Once you indicate the service in complete, we send instructions on how to log and report your service hours. 

Yellow circle with the number 4 inside

Complete the Community Partner-specific process to schedule volunteer service.

After you submit the Engage Dallas Individual Service Registration form, we will provide you with instructions specific to your service site. Sometimes, partners will have you visit their website to sign up, contact a representative to schedule your times, or sign up for a listserv to volunteer as you are able - in any case, you need to act to move this process forward. 

If you have any questions about the Solo Service opportunities available for your Residential Commons, get in touch with your Engage Dallas Student Director.