Our Student Directors

Student Directors have the opportunity to earn their Oral Communication proficiency through their position with Engage Dallas. For more information about how other proficiencies can be earned, visit the Common Curriculum page.


Diverse, dedicated, dynamic, and community-centered—these are just a few words to describe the Engage Dallas team.

Meet the Student Director Team

Learn more below about student director team providing momentum to this initiative. Afterwards, check out the faculty and staff team supporting our work.

Abigail Nguyen

Abigail Nguyen (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Morrison-McGinnis Commons

Why I Serve:

Engage Dallas is a community-focused organization that aims to support underprivileged communities in Dallas, with Momac explicitly addressing the community-identified need for child poverty. As someone who understands that children are not responsible for the circumstances they are born into, I strongly desire to contribute to efforts that help break the cycle of poverty and provide more significant opportunities for the future. While I am passionate about making a difference on a global scale, it is crucial to impact my local community directly, and partnering with Engage Dallas's excellent community partners helps bring about meaningful and positive change in Dallas.

Email Abigail Nguyen at abigailn@smu.edu

Cydney Curtis

Cydney Curtis (she/her/hers)

Student Director for Armstrong Commons

Why I Serve:

I serve to foster leadership within the next generation of SMU students. Furthermore, I want to create positive and lasting change for the greater Dallas community. I am responsible for serving others and helping people have the resources necessary to help themselves. Engage Dallas targets West and South Dallas to create lasting change and allow students to understand the community around them better. I am excited to continue working with Engage Dallas and push for more significant change.

Email Cydney Curtis at cmcurtis@smu.edu

Hannah Green - MHPS Commons

Hannah Green (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Mary Hay Peyton Shuttles Commons

Why I Serve:

I serve because Engage Dallas is a great way to facilitate the active commitment needed to help tackle issues within communities. Being a part of this initiative is an excellent opportunity to take action, specifically by providing support to immigrant and refugee communities through student involvement. When students engage and gain a greater understanding of the importance of service, positive change can be made!

Email Hannah Green at greenh@smu.edu 

Kamila Malik

Kamila Malik (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Virginia Snider Commons

Why I Serve:

I serve because I sincerely care about what goes on in my community and I hope to leave a positive impact on those around me. Engage Dallas is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other eager individuals that are passionate in making a difference for those in need of help. I look forward to being able to work with my residential commons to engage in this community service!

Email Kamila Malik at kamilam@smu.edu

Kate Alonzo

Kate Alonzo (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Loyd Commons

Why I Serve:

I like to serve to give back to my community of South Dallas. I appreciate how Engage Dallas focuses on South and West Dallas, where I attended school. I am excited to work with Loyd Commons to serve STEM access in my hometown.

Email Kate Alonzo at kalonzo@mail.smu.edu

Lily Chapman - South Area

Lilly Chapman (they/them/their/theirs/themself)

Engage Dallas Student Area Coordinator

Why I Serve:

Engage Dallas has allowed me to get to know my fellow Mustangs and the Dallas community through monthly contact with many community partners and members. I started to serve with Engage Dallas to learn more about Dallas and how inequity has been sustained throughout the communities Engage Dallas serves. I have continued my work with Engage Dallas because of the never-ending stream of information I learn. I am excited to work with Engage Dallas and continue serving Dallas by bringing attention to the neighborhoods and zip codes that need it the most.

Email Lilly Chapman at lillyc@smu.edu

Mackenzie Thierry

Mackenzie Thierry (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Cockrell-McIntosh Commons

Why I Serve:

I serve because I want to make a lifelong impact on my community and the world around me. I have always been passionate about serving my community from a young age and want to inspire change in the hearts of my peers here at SMU. It is essential to learn and understand the problems that arise in our city and use our abilities to help resolve them. I am eager to have the opportunity to instill a positive impact in the greater Dallas community along with my peers through Engage Dallas.

Email Mackenzie Thierry at kthierry@smu.edu

Manasvi Kanneganti - Ware Commons

Manasvi Kanneganti (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Ware Commons

Why I Serve:

I am excited to serve Engage Dallas, as I am passionate about community service. I will be serving as an Engage Dallas Student Director to give opportunities to other students on campus to be able to help out our community and to assist alongside them. I am excited to work with the wonderful Engage Dallas team and be able to plan community events. I am also very excited to improve my community service through this program.

Email Manasvi Kanneganti at mkanneganti@smu.edu

Miles Chen

Miles Chen (he/him/his)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Kathy Crow Commons

Why I Serve:

I am excited to work with Engage Dallas because community service is vital to a prosperous society. Engage Dallas is an incredible initiative that fosters relationships between SMU and local community partners, allowing students to serve together and make a positive change in their local community. As college is a time of growth, it is critical that students gain experiences beyond campus and work in situations they do not regularly encounter while learning about social issues first-hand.

Email Miles Chen at mileschen@smu.edu

Morgan Glover

Morgan Glover (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Crum Commons

Why I Serve:

Being involved in your community brings joy not only to your life but to the lives of every person in the community. Sharing life experiences and providing service to your fellow citizens is what makes a genuinely loving community. Engage Dallas is an organization that truly cares about the community's needs and each one of its members. I am excited to belong to an initiative that values its community.

Email Morgan Glover at mmglover@smu.edu

Reese Mellor

Reese Mellor (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for Boaz Commons

Why I Serve:

Coming from a philanthropically involved family, I found a passion for community service at a young age. I wholeheartedly believe that the community in which an individual resides weighs heavily in the development of their personal characteristics. Thus, it is important to understand what problems arise in the city one calls home and is essential to using one's abilities to contribute to resolving these issues. The little steps taken to help our neighbors can often have the greatest impact. Engage Dallas is a wonderful opportunity for Mustangs to use their strengths and weaknesses to spread love and generosity to the city that does so much for SMU.

Email Reese Mellor at rmellor@smu.edu

Sabeen Baledina

Sabeen Baledina (she/her/hers)

Engage Dallas Student Director for McElvaney Commons

Why I Serve:

I have been a student director for McElvaney Commons for the past two years, and it has been an absolute blast. I have developed such a strong relationship with my community partners and have had such fun events with them! I serve because it brings me pure happiness to help my community and my hometown of Dallas, Texas!

Email Sabeen Baledina at sbaledina@smu.edu