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University Decision Support
Perkins Administration Building

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6425 Boaz Lane
P O Box 750221
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX 75275-0221

Welcome to University Decision Support.


University Decision Support (UDS) connects data to decisions and decision makers through the assembly of information from data. Knowing quality data leads to informed decisions, UDS strives to provide SMU leadership and the SMU community with clean data, thoughtful analyses, informative visualizations, and constructive reporting, free from bias.


University Decision Support (UDS) serves the central decision-making authorities of the University by providing data, information, and analytics for planning, evaluation, policy formulation, strategic planning, and related data and information informed issues and/or initiatives. UDS, in cooperation with SMU Data Stewards, collects, disseminates, analyzes, and presents institutional data and information for both internal and external constituencies. UDS serves the University by accomplishing these task objectively, systematically, comprehensively, and free from personal, political or other biasing influences.