Digital Measures


About Digital Measures

Digital Measures – Activity Insight is a tool for SMU faculty to keep a record of their teaching, publications, presentations, and service, as well as awards and accomplishments in one centralized location. This data is primarily a way for you to keep an up-to-date record of your work and accomplishments as a member of the SMU faculty but is also used for annual reports, such as the Faculty Activity and Endowed Chair Reports, provided to deans and the provost office for salary decisions and endowment reporting.

Digital Measures is the faculty activity reporting tool for Southern Methodist University. This is a secure portal access using the same log-on as your access.smu account. This log-in screen asks for your SMU ID, not your email address. If you are asked for your email, you're in the wrong screen. Please change the path to this one if you saved the old one. 

For those who would like to see screen shots of the basic entry screens, click here. This will not contain any specialized updates that have been made by our schools/colleges but are the basics of what is expected in the system screen by screen.   

If you would like to request updates to the DM screens, please use this form and send it to the system administrator. That way, he won't forget your request if it is in writing.


CRITICAL USER NOTE: When entering data into Digital Measures yourself, or when verifying data uploaded for you, please ensure that one or more date fields are completed. Digital Measures uses dates to drive almost all reporting.

If dates are left out altogether or they’re incomplete,
the reports generated by that data may be incomplete or inaccurate.


For questions and troubleshooting needs please contact the Office of Faculty Success at