Transfer Students

Prior to participating in the Pre-Advising Canvas Course (PACC), transfer students can get most of their questions answered by referring to the Transfer and Transition Services page on the SMU website. After completing the PACC, transfer students will meet with either an academic advisor in the University Advising Center (for undeclared majors) or a degree counselor from the school in which their major resides. During that meeting, the student and advisor/counselor will review the Transfer Evaluation Report and discuss how incoming transfer credits will contribute to a SMU degree. The student and advisor will also review the Common Curriculum and major and minor interests. Students will leave their meeting enrolled in several classes for the next semester.

After enrolling, transfer students have the opportunity to submit a petition to re-evaluate their transfer credits to meet different or additional requirements. To do so, complete the "Petition for Re-Evaluation of Transfer Credit for Students Under the Common Curriculum" in the Registrar's Forms Library. If you have any questions about completing this petition, be sure to speak with your academic advisor!

Important tip: Ensure that all of your records were sent by your previous schools and received by SMU. The Office of Undergraduate Admission must receive all final transcripts and Statement of Good Standing forms before students can matriculate at SMU. After you have matriculated, review your holds, tasks, and to-do list in my.SMU.