On-campus Resources

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Campus Accessibility

Southern Methodist University is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities.
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DASS Success Strategies

DASS services specifically for students with ADHD, LD, and ASD. 

Other On-campus Resources

DASS is part of SMU's Student Academic Success Programs (SASP). Together, we are dedicated to helping all undergraduate students conquer academic challenges and excel in their coursework.

SASP offers a variety of programs designed to maximize learning potential and academic performance, not only for students with disabilities, but also for honors and scholar recipients, first-generation students, veterans, international students, student athletes and more. Our variety of services are located in the Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center (A-LEC) and includes peer tutoring, the faculty-led Writing Center, Academic Skill Development, and the Disability Accommodations and Success Strategies teams.

The Dr. Bob Smith Health Center provides a number of services beyond caring for the physical health of SMU students.

Counseling Services and Psychiatric Services provide SMU students with individual personal counseling and psychiatric services including medication management. Counseling and Psychiatric Services also provides referrals to off-campus psychologists/psychiatrists for testing, therapy and/or medication management. DASS also maintains a limited set of referrals.  

The Health Center's pharmacy can fill prescriptions for our students, even those from out-of-state. Contact the pharmacy for more information.

SMU Libraries provide services for persons with disabilities.

Looking for a place to study in the Fondren, Hamon Arts, or Business Library? SMU Libraries has a list sortable by location and features that can help you find the perfect spot!

Kurzweil 3000 -- This text-to-speech software reads scanned or electronic text aloud. It also has a robust set of study tools, including: allowing the reader to highlight sections to transform them into an outline for printing; reading the student's writing out loud along with the spell check options; and giving the user the option of creating mp3s of scanned books or electronic media for use in portable music devices or computers. SMU has a yearly site license to make Kurzweil 3000 available to all students. For those with a disability, please contact DASS for a username. For all others, please contact Fondren Library for a username.

JAWS Screen Reading Software-- Reads aloud what is on the PC screen and allows for comprehensive keyboard interaction with the computer, providing access to many software applications and most web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Available on some computers and laptops in Fondren and Bridwell libraries.

ZoomText Screen Magnification Application-- Allows a person to see and hear everything on the computer screen, providing access to applications, documents, email and web browsing. It can also read text aloud when integrated with other products. Available on some computers and laptops in Fondren and Bridewell Libraries.

Dragon Naturally Speaking-- Voice-to-text software allowing the user to speak into a microphone and create a document in a word processing program or in email. Some students find this software invaluable when formatting, writing, and editing their papers. Available on some computers and laptops in Fondren Library.

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Disability Awareness Month 2022

For Disability Awareness Month, on October 26, 2022, DASS, Simmons School of Education, and the Hegi Family Career Center hosted a panel discussion on "Disability from Undergraduate to the Workplace." We're happy to present the captioned video of the event!