DASS Link for Students

DASS Link is DASS's online interface.


It's the easiest way for the SMU community, including students, to interface with the Disability Accommodations and Success Strategies (DASS) office.


If you're already receiving accommodations and/or services through DASS, then you can log in to DASS Link right now!

Accessing DASS Link

To get a DASS Link account, you must apply for accommodations and/or services from DASS. If you've never applied for accommodations at SMU before, head over to our Request Services page, where you can see a detailed overview of the accommodation process here at SMU, including step-by-step instructions for completing the Accommodation Request Form and uploading your supporting documentation, as well as guidelines for supporting documentation. When you've finished making your request, you'll get a welcome email containing instructions on how to log in to DASS Link.

Go to the DASS Link log-in page. The header says Symplicity. Enter your SMU student ID and password, just like when you log in to my.SMU.

Home Page

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see your DASS Link Home Page. Navigation tabs run along the left side of the page: Home, Accommodation, Appointment, Documents, Resources, Surveys, Test Proctoring, Calendar, and Profile & Texting.

You will also notice three sections: News Feed, where announcements and notifications will appear intermittently throughout the semester; Shortcuts, which contains links to frequently visited pages in DASS Link; and Helpful Websites, which contains links to frequently visited pages on the DASS website.

Navigating the DASS Link Menu

The Accommodation drop-down menu leads to a number of useful DASS Link pages.

Accessibility Request allows you to view your initial request for accommodations and a list of your currently authorized accommodations. 

Supplemental is where you can request new accommodations and services in addition to the ones you already have. This is also where you'll make a request to renew an accommodation that requires an update or has expired. (INSTRUCTIONS)

Semester Request is where you'll need to go before each new semester to renew your accommodations and request updated accommodation letters for your new instructors. You can use the Semester Request 2 weeks before classes start. (INSTRUCTIONS)

Accommodation Letters contains a list of all of your accommodation letters, as well as system messages and alerts sent to you from DASS Link. You can also sign your Accommodation Letters here. (INSTRUCTIONS)

Equipment is not used by DASS. DASS does not loan assistive devices or equipment at this time.

Documents lets you see all of the supporting documents you have uploaded to DASS Link, as well as those uploaded on your behalf by DASS staff members. This is also where you'll upload new documents, if needed. (INSTRUCTIONS)

The Appointment tab is where you can request an appointment with the Director, your Coordinator, or the Learning Specialist here at DASS. (INSTRUCTIONS)

Here, you can view "Student Documents" that you may have uploaded, but not "Accessibility Documents." To view and upload documents to DASS Link, please select Documents in the Accommodation drop-down menu instead of this tab.

The Resource Library contains useful forms, like the flexible attendance agreements and course substitution paperwork.

DASS asks students and faculty to complete a survey every now and then. Please select Survey on the left side menu of your home page and complete any active survey by clicking on “Respond”.

DASS Link is no longer being utilized for scheduling proctored tests. 

Please refer to the Current Student Test Proctoring page of our website, and the University Testing Center website for all policies, procedures, hours of operation, and instructions on scheduling a proctored test using their new UTC Portal system.

You can see your class schedule as well as any DASS appointments, including testing reservations, here.

You can view your DASS Link profile here.

You can also opt in or out of the DASS text messaging service.