DASS Link for Faculty

In the fall of 2019, DASS launched a digital platform called DASS Link designed to make the accommodation and test proctoring processes more streamlined for students, faculty and DASS. Since then, through your patience and invaluable feedback, this tool has successfully converted a paper-heavy system into one that benefits DASS students, DASS staff, and you! Thank you.

In addition to the text instructions below, here is a 5-minute video to help you get started.

Logging In

Go to the DASS Link log-in page. The header says Symplicity. Enter your SMU ID and password, just like when you log in to Canvas or my.SMU.
Occasionally, at the beginnings of semesters, adjunct faculty members find that they can’t log into DASS Link. This is related to hiring paperwork timelines and my.SMU. We work with OIT at these times to upload all faculty in the system as quickly as possible. You can ask your student to show you their DASS letter on their laptop in the meantime.

Your Home Page

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see your DASS Link Home Page.

Navigation tabs run along the left side of the page: Home, Accommodation Letters, Courses, Resources, and My Account.

You will also notice three sections: News Feed, where announcements and notifications will appear intermittently throughout the semester; Shortcuts, which contains links to frequently visited pages in DASS Link; and Helpful Websites, which contains links to frequently visited pages on the DASS website.

Navigating the DASS Link Menu

On this page, you will see a list of students enrolled in your class(es) who have requested that their accommodation letters be shared with you. The list is able to be sorted by semester and course. (DETAILS & INSTRUCTIONS)

Selecting Courses brings you to a list of the courses you are teaching this semester. Clicking on a course opens a new page where you can access Course DetailsEnrolled Students, and Test Proctoring. At this time, we recommend that you use this page only to access Test Proctoring (see below).

DASS Link is no longer being utilized for scheduling proctored tests. Please refer to the Faculty Test Proctoring page of our website, and the University Testing Center (UTC) website for all policies, procedures, hours of operation, and instructions on scheduling a proctored test using their new UTC Portal system.

The Resource Library contains useful forms, like flexible attendance agreements.
View your Profile, activate Accessibility Mode in Password/Preferences, and check your Activity Summary.