Academic Probation Explained

What is Academic Probation?

Academic probation is a serious warning that a student is not making satisfactory academic progress. A pre-major student is placed on academic probation when their cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0. The student may still enroll and take classes, but they are required to attend one of the probation workshops at the beginning of the fall and/or spring semester(s). The student is subject to academic suspension if they do not raise their SMU cumulative GPA to a 2.0 by the end of two regular terms. 

What is Academic Suspension?

Academic suspension is an involuntary separation between the pre-major student and SMU. Academic suspension lasts for a minimum of one regular term. Academic suspension is recorded on the student's official academic record, and they are not considered to be in good standing with the university. Additionally, courses taken at another university during a suspension do not apply towards a SMU degree. Suspended students are encouraged to meet monthly with their academic probation counselor during their suspension term(s).

What is Academic Reinstatement?

If a pre-major student has been on academic suspension once, they may apply for reinstatement through admissions. If reinstated, the student may enroll in classes and will have at least one semester to bring their SMU cumulative GPA back to at least 2.0. Before applying for reinstatement, it is strongly recommended for students to reach out to their academic probation counselor. 

What is Academic Dismissal?

Academic dismissal is when a student is suspended for a second time. Academic dismissal is final with no possibility for readmission and is also recorded on the student's permanent academic record.

Do you have further questions about your academic standing? Contact the University Advising Center if you are a pre-major or the records office of the college in which you are declared.