A: HDEV 1210- Academic Success and Personal Development is a two-credit, graded course designed to improve reading efficiency, executive functioning, and lifelong learning skills. Students can sign up for the class on my.smu.  More information is at www.smu.edu/HDEV1210.


A: Yes.  Learning specialists are available to meet with you to help with any study skill such as time management, note-taking, test preparation, memory and more.  They are also available to meet with you consistently throughout the semester to help you stay accountable to your goals.  Schedule a meeting at www.smu.edu/AcademicCounseling


A: Workshops cover a variety of learning strategies including time management, note-taking, stress management, textbook study reading, finals preparation and more.  More information is at www.smu.edu/SASPworkshops.


A: Schedule a meeting with a learning specialist at www.smu.edu/AcademicCousenling to go over the material you missed.


A: No. Your academic advisor helps students navigate the requirements of the Common Curriculum and all majors, and students will likely meet with them once or twice a semester. Academic counselors help students navigate the semester with meetings up to every other week.