Request Services

The Path to Accommodations and Services

Disability Accommodations & Success Strategies (DASS) is the office designated by SMU to receive requests and make determinations about disability-related services here at the university. 

What Do We Need from You? 

To request services and accommodations, students must complete and submit to DASS an online Accommodation Request Form along with supporting documentation. Any disability-related information that students share with other SMU offices, such as SMU Admissions, is not shared with our office. Carefully read and follow the step-by-step instructions to learn about how to get these items to us.

When Should I Start this Process?

DASS staff members review files only for students who have committed to attending SMU and paid a deposit. If you are a new SMU student beginning classes in the Fall Semester, we recommend applying for DASS services in June, unless you are requesting housing accommodations, in which case we recommend beginning the process as early as possible. No matter when you apply, do keep in mind that accommodations, if authorized, do NOT apply retroactively. 

Step-by-step Instructions

Follow the step-by-step instructions (in text and coming soon, video!) to apply for services through DASS.

Guidelines for Documentation

Learn what kind of documentation you will need to provide to DASS to evaluate your request for services. 


Check out some of the more common accommodations and services requested by students, and how they work at SMU.