Mustang Scholars Class of 2024

Meet the Mustang Scholars Class of 2024

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Tiayana Campbell-Addo

High School: Harmony Science Academy

Major: Psychology, Biology 

Minor: Neuroscience

Current Extracurricular Activities: Community Engagement Ambassador for SCIE, BLM @ SMU, ABS, Librarian Assistant.

What I Love About SMU: I love, love, love the community here! It's so easy to find a group of people that is as equally passionate and supportive!

Graduation Year: 2024

male student portrait

Giancarlos Dominguez

High School: Irving High School

Major: Computer Science

Current Extracurricular Activities: Computer Science Club, Cyber Security Club, SMU FOCUS, SMU Kairos Literary and Creative Magazine, Rotunda Scholar.

What I Love about SMU: The community; how everyone is friendly and willing to help out others and make friends.

Graduation Year: 2024

student Catherine Madrigal

Catherine Madrigal

High School: The School of Health Professions at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center

Majors: Economics with Financial Applications

Minor: Business

Current Extracurricular Activities: Development chair for Programs Council, CHAS, First-Generation Associate, Rotunda Scholar, Junior Advisor for Mustang Scholar.

What I Love About SMU: The campus is beautiful!

Graduation Year: 2024

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Caleb Vinson

student Breonna Whittington

Breonna Whittington

High School: Early College High School

Major: Human Rights

Current Extracurricular Activities: Feminist Equality Movement (FEM) and the Human Rights Council

Proudest Accomplishment at SMU: Being a part of the SMU Rotunda Scholars Program.

Graduation Year: 2024