The Mustang Scholars Program is more than a full tuition and fees scholarship, it is your college experience.

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The Mustang Scholar Program places an SMU education within your reach by combining with other awards to guarantee that SMU tuition and fees are met. There are two scholarships that serve as last-dollar aid to ensure Mustang Scholars receive full tuition, campus housing, and fees to attend SMU.


Once admitted, Mustang Scholars have an intimate (about 10) other students in their cohort (aka. small group). Students will have a semi-structured program throughout their four years on the Hilltop.


SMU wanted to create a program that would help the institution connect on a deeper level with the largest public school district in Dallas while also eliminating the cost barrier for students from the district to attend the university. The purpose of a the Mustang Scholar Program has always been to provide high achieving, low-socioeconomic students from Dallas County an opportunity to attend SMU, Dallas' university. The Mustang Scholars Program started in 2010 as a scholarship specifically for Dallas ISD (DISD) students. In 2017, the Mustang Scholars Program was expanded from serving only DISD to serving students across all of Dallas County. Historically, there have been 10 last-dollar awards available for first-year students. In 2022, the program launched a four-year experience to support student success, timely graduation, and enhance the overall college experience. 


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