Faculty Awards

SMU is committed to faculty success and provides a plethora of resources to help faculty achieve their goals.

One of these resources is dedicated support for SMU faculty seeking awards and external funding opportunities. Faculty can consult one-on-one with designated personnel that provide assistance with identifying funding opportunities, navigating application processes, and pursuing awards and honorifics.

External Award Opportunities

Explore the range of external awards available to recognize excellence in teaching, academic, scientific and scholarly achievement.

Internal Award Opportunities

SMU faculty excel in the classroom and consistently produce exceptional research. Explore ways we highlight the teaching, research, and service accomplishments of the faculty through internal awards and funding opportunities.

Award Readiness and Resources

Wondering where to start and what steps to take when pursuing an award opportunity? Check out our tips and resources to be as competitive as possible.

Contact the office

Brenna K. Rivas, Ph.D.
Director of Faculty Awards
Phone: 214-768-3720
Email: brivas@smu.edu

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