Library News

Introducing Bloomberg Office Hours – Available Summer 2020

The Business Library is excited to announce that beginning June 1, 2020, we will be able to offer limited access to Bloomberg.

For the recent graduates/August graduating students, you too have access through summer!

  • We are limited to one Bloomberg for student use. Because of this we can only offer Bloomberg during a specific window during the day.
  • Access will be remote via Zoom and limited to 30 minutes at a time with 1 appointment per day.
    • If no one else is signed up after your allotted 30 minutes, you may request to extend your Zoom session.
  • If you have reference questions while using Bloomberg, please email askabizlibrarian@smu.edu and a business librarian will respond to your question.
  • Once your scheduled time ends, you agree to exit the Zoom meeting on time so the next person can have access.
  • To access your data away from Bloomberg, you will need to log into your SMU email and send it to yourself via email.
  • At the scheduled end of your appointment, you agree to delete all downloaded/saved documents from the computer so the computer is fresh for the next person.
  • You agree that any information downloaded from Bloomberg is meant for SMU academic research use only and will not be shared outside SMU.

Appointment sign up: https://libcal.smu.edu/appointments/bloomberg

Free Resources for Online Teaching and Research

Many publishers are making their online content freely available to support students and faculty during the pandemic. If you can't find what you need, the Libraries have funds available to purchase online editions needed texts or can work with publishers to make content available to you. Contact your librarian for more help.

Business Library: Closed for Walk-in / Open for Business!

Effective at 5 PM today (March 13th), the Business Library will transition to virtual reference, instruction, and research support for students, faculty, and staff until further notice. Though the library as a physical space will be closed, business librarians will be available during normal business hours to assist you via remote access.


Please let us know if you have any questions.