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Business Library: Closed to walk-in traffic but open virtually

The Business Library building is closed until January 18, 2021.

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Bloomberg Office Hours

The Business Library is excited to announce that we will be able to offer limited remote access to Bloomberg. 

  • We are limited to two Bloombergs for student use. Because of this we can only offer Bloomberg during a specific window during the day.
  • Access will be remote via Zoom and limited to 30 minutes at a time with 1 appointment per day.
  • If you have reference questions while using Bloomberg, please email askabizlibrarian@smu.edu and a business librarian will respond to your question.
  • Once your scheduled time ends, you agree to exit the Zoom meeting on time so the next person can have access.
  • To access your data away from Bloomberg, you will need to log into your SMU email and send it to yourself via email.
  • At the scheduled end of your appointment, you agree to delete all downloaded/saved documents from the computer so the computer is fresh for the next person.
  • You agree that any information downloaded from Bloomberg is meant for SMU academic research use only and will not be shared outside SMU.

Remote Bloomberg Appointment sign up


Spring semester is upon us, and the Business Library would like to extend a warm welcome back to our returning Cox family, and an equally warm welcome to all who are joining us for the first time. We hope to see each of you make the most of your Business Library and remind you that librarians are available in the virtual world to assist you.

At Cox, business students engage in practical learning, addressing real-life situations and problems. The Business Library is an important resource to help you navigate through your experience-based education using the same online research resources and processes that you’ll rely on in your business career. Though we’re still operating remotely, business librarians are available to help you with these research needs. Reach out to us during library hours via chat, send us an email or schedule a Zoom appointment for directed research help. Just click on Ask a Business Librarian to get started.

The Business Library offers many research workshops that build upon the SMU Cox curriculum. From topics ranging from international business, to Bloomberg Basics, to researching companies for your chosen career, these library sessions give you a significant advantage in being able to navigate industry-leading library databases, which help set you apart. This semester, all Business Library Research Workshops will be conducted virtually.

Faculty and instructors

We are here for you, too! Please take advantage of the Business Library’s Faculty Research Guide in assisting with your course planning. In this guide, you will find quick links as well as other library resources to efficiently access information for you and your students.

Business librarians also want to work with you to help ensure that your students are well-versed in finding data-backed answers to complex questions and have the ability to present the results of their research in an ethical and professional manner. The Business Library can help in a variety of ways--from creating custom online research guides, to embedded Canvas tutorials, to remoting into your class and leading a hands-on research session, and more--to make the greatest impact in helping students succeed in their class research projects. Ask a Business Librarian to learn how we can engage with your classes and assignments for improved student research outcomes.