Tuition and Fees

Tuition & Fees

Spring & Fall Terms (12 Weeks Each)

Core Class Tuition


Communication Skills Class Tuition


Books and Supplies for Full-time a


Books and Supplies for Part-Time b


University Fees c


Health Insurance d


May & Summer Terms (6 Weeks Each)


Core Class


Communication Skills Class


Books and Supplies


Books and Supplies for Part-Time


University Fees*


Health Insurance


International Student Fee



            a.    F-1 students are required to enroll full-time (in both Core and Communication Skills Courses) to maintain their status.

b.    Part-time enrollment is ONLY available for US citizens/residents or J-1/J-2/F-2 visa holders.

c.     University Fees will be added if you purchase a parking permit and/or recreation center membership.

d.    SMU requires all international students attending on a visa to enroll in the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan unless you are eligible for a waiver. Fees vary by terms.

[NOTE] International policies or policies from the student’s home country do NOT qualify for a waiver.

* Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice, and living costs are NOT included.

** Payment is due by the first day of class.


Financial Requirement to Request an I20 for an F-1 Visa Eligibility


Length of Study c

Tuition & Books

Estimated Living Costs b

Financial Requirement a

One term

4 months




Two Terms

8 months




One Year

12 Months





a.    Financial requirements are determined based on the length of term you intend to enroll for. For students who choose to enroll shorter than one-year, living costs are prorated.

b.     The estimated living costs are calculated based on off-campus housing for a single student, including mandatory health insurance, university fees, transportation, and other related expenses. If a student plans to bring dependents, additional funding is required.

c.     The minimum length of IEP study is 12 weeks. Therefore, we cannot issue an I20 for the Summer Term only (6 weeks). Instead, we recommend that you apply for an initial I20 covering both Summer and Fall terms, which is good for 18 weeks of study. The financial requirement for the 18-week study period is a minimum of $21,100.00.