To Apply (For Every Applicant):

  1. Fill out the IEP online application form and upload the required documents
    • A copy of your passport or any government issued photo ID
    • English test score report (optional)
  2. Pay the $75 IEP application fee.

If you have been conditionally admitted to an SMU Graduate program, please indicate in the application form and/or contact the IEP office IEP@SMU.EDU before submitting the online application.

To Request an I-20 (For Students Who Need an F-1 Visa):

  1. Follow the steps to apply (as outlined above)
  2. Fill out and sign the ‘IEP Student Financial Statement’ (Download PDF) and upload it when you complete the online application form.
  3. Upload your financial documents
  4. Pay the $150 I-20 process fee.

Financial Requirement to Request an I-20 for an F-1 Visa Eligibility

  Length of Study  Tuition and Books Estimated Living Costs

Financial Requirement

One term   4 months


 $9,100.00  $13,400.00
Two terms  8 months  $8,600.00  $18,000.00  $26,600.00
One year  12 months  $12,900.00  $27,000.00  $39,900.00
  • Financial requirements are determined based on the length of the term for which you intend to enroll. For students who choose to enroll for less than one-year, living costs are prorated.
  • The estimated living costs are calculated based on off-campus housing for a single student, including mandatory health insurance, university fees, transportation, and other related expenses. If a student plans to bring dependents, additional funding will be required.
  • The minimum length of IP study is 12 weeks. Therefore, we cannot issue an I-20 for the Summer Term only (6 weeks). Instead we recommend that you apply for an initial I-20 covering both Summer and Fall terms, which amounts to 18 weeks of study. It requires a minimum of $20,100.00.

To Transfer to SMU IEP (For F-1 Visa Holders Currently Enrolled in Another Program in the US):

  • Follow the steps to Apply and to Request an I-20 (as outlined above)
  • Fill out ‘Transfer-In Request Form’ (Download PDF) and submit it to