IEP Application


  • A minimum of 18 years (as of semester start dates)
  • High school graduate
  • Basic level of English proficiency to read, write, listen and speak to follow instruction and engage in classroom (*SMU IEP is intended to teach academic English skills for students to be ready for full matriculation into a degree-seeking program.)
  • For the application deadline for each term, please refer to the IEP academic calendar. For international applicants, it is highly recommended to start your application process early as possible. Normally, it requires more than a month for international students to go through the entire process. Please refer to the IEP application process.

    Required Documents

  • Online IEP application form
  • A copy of government issued photo ID (a copy of passport for international student)
  • Diploma for the highest level of education (high school or college, university)
  • English test scores within past 1 years (*not required, but encouraged: TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson Academic, Duolingo)
  • Same requirements as above
  • A copy of passport (valid more than for 6 months)
  • Financial documents (bank statement or scholarship letter to prove sufficient fund available to study for ONE year and live (a minimum estimate is $30,902.00. For the cost breakdown, refer to the IEP tuition & fees)
  • Same requirements as international students
  • I20 transfer request form signed by the school designated official from the current school
  • Grade report for the semester completed at the current program (attendance and final grade should be marked)
  • Please note that a student who is suspended from the current program due to excessive absence may not be qualified for transfer