Frequently Asked Questions

Can students do more than one internship?

Yes. Students are allowed a maximum of three internship credits during their academic careers. Students can earn up to three units of academic credit (40 hours of internship = 1 unit of credit; 80 hours of internship = 2 units of credit; 120 hours of internship = 3 units of credit). Students having completed these credits are always allowed to participate in non-credit bearing internships.

Can students earn internship credit through Study Abroad?

Yes. The SMU Study Abroad program as designated some SMU courses in collaboration with internship programs in London, Ireland and Australia. Contact the Study Abroad office for more information.

How can a prospective employer connect with SMU and Dedman College?

Employers wishing to arrange for internships with Dedman departments can contact the departments directly or contact Lisa Miller at at Dedman College Academic Services. 

Can I combine an internship with my Engaged Learning project?

Yes! Contact the Engaged Learning office to see if your internship can be an Engaged Learning project.

I am a pre-major--can I still do an internship?

Yes. Students who are pre-majors should consult their University Advising Center advisor or Lisa Miller at Dedman College Academic Services to discuss participating in internships before declaring a major.

How do I find an internship?

Your best resources for finding an internship is your major/minor advisor or another faculty member in your department. You can also utilize the Hegi Family Career Development Center for possible internships.