About HTDR Project

Make human trafficking data work:  Facilitating collaborative efforts to enhance human trafficking data efficacy to broaden collective knowledge and utilization.

The SMU Human Trafficking Data Research Project is the nucleus for owners of human trafficking data to securely store, enrich, and use their data within the SMU Human Trafficking Data Warehouse; gain access to other data that overlaps and enhances data efficacy; and provide secure access to law enforcement, policymakers, researchers, and other credentialed key stakeholders of human trafficking data.

Core Values

  •  Collaboration:  Effective human trafficking procedures, policies, research, and action require the collection, cleaning, filling in the gaps, analysis, and dissemination of disparate sources of human trafficking data.
  • Expert Teamwork:  Elements of human trafficking cross a multitude of disciplines and require the expertise of individuals and organizations across the spectrum of human trafficking activity working together to understand and utilize information about human trafficking.
  • Data Security:  Data on human trafficking often contains sensitive information about vulnerable victims and survivors and requires protection from malicious actors who may want to cause harm.
  • Efficiency:  Combatting the human trafficking epidemic requires efficient communication and collaboration in a rapidly growing and changing landscape.