The Maynard Award


The Maynard Scholarships and Awards come from endowments established in the memory of long-time SMU professor Betty Maynard by her brother, Mr. William Maynard.  Both are given to high-performing WGS minors, or to students majoring in Individualized Studies in the Liberal Arts with a focus in Women’s and Gender Studies, in their junior and/or senior years.   Both the scholarship and the award are competitive.  There are funds for both financial-aid-eligible students and for those who are not eligible for financial aid.

Professor Betty Maynard taught in SMU's urban studies program, while it still existed, and in the sociology department, which she at one time chaired. Her passions also led her to help found the Japan exchange program and establish the Women's Studies program in the early 1970s. As associate dean of Dedman College, she became one of the first women at SMU to hold a high position in the administration. She also served as President of Faculty Senate in 1985-86. A well-known campus activist, she was a mentor and role model to many students who encouraged women students to fulfill their dreams.

To apply, see the instructions on the Dedman College Merit Scholarship web page.  Applications are due in April of every year.