Forms, Schedules, and Policies

Handbook for Students and Faculty of the Graduate Program in Religious Studies

Lending Library

Academic Forms:

Directed Study Advisor Form

Independent Study Advisor Form

Request a Language Examination

Request a Comprehensive Field Examination

Notice of Special Topics Form

Travel Grant Applications/Information:

Graduate Student Association Grant Information

Graduate Student Development Grant Application

Plan of Study:

Plan of Study Form

Directed Study Bibliography Template

Independent Study Bibliography Template

Practice Teaching:

Practice Teaching Requirement

Teaching Proposal Form

Teaching Evaluation Form


Time Limits for Degree Requirements

The GPRS follows the Perkins School of Theology Academic Calendar (You may also visit this page for the most recent schedule of Perkins course offerings.)

Official University Calendar

University Class Schedules

Exam Dates:

Comprehensive exams and language exams are offering during June, August, and January of each year. For an exact list of exam dates for each academic year, contact Pamela Hogan.

Language Exam Descriptions:

French Exam

German Exam

Latin Exam

Spanish Exam

Greek Exam for New Testament Students

Greek Exam for Non-NT Students

Hebrew Exam for Hebrew Bible Students

Hebrew Exam for Non-HB Students


Dedman College Dissertation and Thesis Guide (instructions for online submission of the dissertation)

Dissertation Reader Request Form (for the outsider reader)


Graduation Deadlines/Steps to Graduation

Job Search:

How to obtain an Official Transcript or an Enrollment Verification

Dossier Information

Suggested job search timeline

Dossier reference form

Ordering SMU business cards