The seismology program at SMU has interests in seismic wave propagation with extension of seismological observations to high frequencies and in deep boreholes including mining related phenomenology. Inverse theory is used to process the seismic data. Seismological models are developed to explain earthquakes and industrial blasts. New designs of advanced seismic instruments and observatories are considered. Developmental work at SMU also consists of seismic and acoustic array design and deployment including the TXAR (Texas), NVAR (Nevada) seismo-acoustic arrays. This deployment is related to the seismic verification of nuclear arms-control treaties.

The Hamilton Visiting Scholar program brings noted geophysics researchers to SMU to present lectures and interact with the students and faculty.

Seismology Faculty/Staff
Brian Stump, Albritton Professor
Paul Golden, Director Geophysics Laboratory 
Chris Hayward, Geophysical Research Projects Director
David Anderson, Geophysical Imaging Laboratory Director

Links of Interest
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