Diversity Goals

The Dedman College Diversity & Inclusion Team works in collaboration with units in our College, the University Diversity Council, and other entities across campus to help create and maintain a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. We believe that our uniqueness makes each of us special, but our unity makes us strong. In addition to providing support and resources, our Office is here to receive and discuss concerns, suggestions, and ideas from our students, employees, alumni, and departments on ways we can better our institution and improve the campus culture and climate for people from all backgrounds. Whether our strategies and initiatives involve short-term and long-term action, our goal is to promote a more positive and welcoming learning environment as a pathway to success.

According to Goal One of the 2016-2025 Strategic Plan, SMU and Dedman College are focused on enhancing their academic quality and profile by:

  • strengthening the university’s ability to recruit, appoint, promote, and retain a distinguished, gifted, and diverse faculty (Objective 1 of 8)
  • recruiting, retaining, and graduating academically gifted undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds (Objective 2 of 8)
  • increasing awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity of North Texas among the faculty, staff, and students (Objective 7 of 8)