Women's Leadership Program

Strength, Authenticity, Impact

Apply today for a three-day immersive learning experience that helps women navigate the business landscape, develop and leverage their unique talents, and assume roles as executive leaders.

Forward-thinking companies know the future of leadership is female. Women bring documented advantages to organizations when they assume high managerial and executive roles. And the key to helping women advance lies in building bench strength—identifying and supporting high-potential women deeper in the organization as they learn, grow and move up the leadership ranks. SMU Cox's Women's Leadership Program exists to further that goal.

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  • Topics

    • Accelerating Your Learning
    • Building a Learning Community
    • Inclusive Leadership: Understanding Diversity Dynamics
    • Leveraging Your Network
    • Business Storytelling: Making Your Voice heard
    • Developing Your Leadership Brand
    • The Psychology of Persuasion
    • Quantitative Intuition: Building Confidence and Taking Intelligent Risks
    • What Successful Women Leaders Have in Common
    • Leading with Purpose and Impact
    • Enhancing Your Executive Presence


    • Three days of interactive learning on the SMU campus
    • Strategic leadership sessions focused on skills with immediate ROI
    • Cross-disciplinary sessions exploring key enterprise functions and interactions
    • Small group discussions, workshops and activities
    • Expert, innovative keynote speakers who share their leadership journeys
    • Dynamic networking opportunities with global women leaders
    • Leadership and communication style assessments
    • Individual development and personal action plans
    • Case studies, articles and other background materials
    • Post-program resources to reinforce learning and support continued growth

    Objectives and Outcomes

    Our purpose in focusing primarily on women's leadership development is based on our belief that exponentially increasing the number and quality of women leaders improves an organization's ability to innovate, collaborate, and increase performance.

    How it's different

    New realities, challenges and opportunities call for a transformation in how you approach leading others. Women in Leadership will help you accelerate your learning and prepare for immediate success.

    Through individual assessments you’ll understand your current leadership strengths and weaknesses, identify opportunities for growth and develop your future leadership agenda. Distinguished keynote speakers will share insights that become real as you step into active learning sessions, collaborate with colleagues, and begin to apply critical concepts and skills.

  • Who Should Attend?

    The Women's Leadership Program is designed for leaders who have experience managing people or projects (or both), and has approximately 5+ years of management experience. She will be able to bring to the program experience in identifying and working through the leadership challenges and opportunities faced by managers in a corporate, public sector, entrepreneurial or non-profit environment. 

    High-potential executives preparing to assume more responsibility, either in a functional or a leadership capacity. 

    The ideal candidate will have demonstrated leadership potential in their professional careers. Strong candidates are highly-motivated, open to growth, and are looking to reach the next level in their careers.


    Participants will

    • Assess the leadership landscape to identify individual and organizational leadership opportunities and needs
    • Refine their own compelling, authentic leadership narratives and understand how to harness the power of narrative identity
    • Cultivate the leader’s mindset—increasing awareness and focus for individual and organizational growth
    • Deepen their understanding of executive judgment
    • Integrate the dimensions of presence that typify strong, warm leaders at their best
    • Learn techniques to assess and strengthen values-based character competencies
    • Understand and leverage the power of trust, culture, influence and executive presence
    • Gain insights into emotional and intellectual toughness in demanding situations
    • Understand how to use feedback as a power tool for growth
    • Explore the science behind time allocation and leverage time for optimal results
    • Discover how routines are a key factor in achieving superior outcomes



    Through active participation in the Women's Leadership Program, you'll strengthen your ability to:

    • Articulate your vision
    • Crystalize your goals
    • Successfully lead a team of leaders
    • Align your unit with enterprise mission and value
    • Cultivate a network of supporters
    • Advocate for yourself
    • Gain visibility for your accomplishments
    • Communicate strategically in an array of context
    • Respond to change and stay challenge ready

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