AI For Healthcare Program

The AI for Healthcare Program program is designed to equip senior-level professionals with the know-how and skills to navigate and leverage AI technology to improve business performance and patient outcomes. This intensive course aims to cover the key aspects of AI in healthcare tailored for leaders, focusing on both technical understanding and leadership skills for driving AI initiatives.

The sessions will be interactive, with case studies, group discussions, and hands-on activities.


  1. Enhanced Understanding of AI: Equip healthcare leaders with a comprehensive understanding of AI concepts, techniques, and their practical applications in the healthcare sector.
  2. Improved AI Implementation Skills: Develop leaders' abilities to identify AI opportunities, critically evaluate AI solutions, and effectively drive their implementation within healthcare organizations.
  3. Strengthened Collaboration and Networking: Foster a community of healthcare leaders committed to innovation and knowledge-sharing, enhancing collaborative efforts across the industry.
  4. Empowerment for Organizational Growth: Provide healthcare leaders with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the evolving AI landscape, thereby enabling them to drive organizational transformation and growth in an increasingly digital healthcare environment.

  • Dates

    4/11/2024 5:00 PM - 4/19/2024 5:00 PM

  • Format

    Fridays - 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; First session is welcome reception Thursday evening
  • Location

    In Person

    James M Collins Executive Education Building
    SMU Campus

  • Price


    Call 214.768.3335 or email

  • Who Should Attend?

    Healthcare business unit leaders (Director/VP-level) using or considering AI at their respective organizations.
  • Schedule

    Welcome Reception on Thursday, April 11th, 2024.

    Day 1 (April 12th, 2024): Understanding AI in Healthcare

    Session 1: AI Fundamentals (9 – 10:15 am)

    · Introduction to AI and Machine Learning

    · Key AI concepts and technologies

    · The evolution of AI in healthcare

    Session 2: Developing an AI Implementation Strategy (10:45 – 12 pm)

    · Workflow Integration of AI

    · Overcoming Technical and Operational Challenges

    · AI Governance Framework 

    Session 3: Workshop – Identifying AI Opportunities (1 – 2:15 pm)

    · Interactive Group Activity to Identify Potential AI Projects

    · Evaluating Feasibility and Impact on Desired Outcomes (clinical, operational and financial)

    Session 4: Panel Discussion: Getting Value From Your AI Investment (2:45 – 4 pm)

    Day 2 (April 19th, 2024): Leadership and Transformation Through AI

    Session 1: Enabling A Learning Health Organization Through AI

    This session will focus on the critical components (data, technology, processes, people) that need to be in place for your organization to create a learning flywheel and derive value from your AI investments.

    · Part A – Data & Technology (9 – 10:15 am)

    o Evaluating readiness of your core systems

    o Developing capabilities internally versus partnering

    o What’s the right approach - platform v/s use-cases

    · Part B – People (10:30 – 11:15 am)

    o Building AI-Competent Teams

    o Hiring and Training for AI Readiness

    o Fostering a Collaborative AI Culture

    · Part C – Processes (11:15 –12 pm)

    o Leading Change in Traditional Healthcare Environments

    o Deriving Business Value

    Session 2: Ethical and Regulatory Considerations

    This session will be divided into two complementary parts and will include real-world case studies, regulatory frameworks, and expert insights to provide a comprehensive understanding of the ethical and regulatory landscape of AI in healthcare.

    · Part A: Addressing Ethical Implications of AI in Healthcare (1 – 2:15 pm)

    o Data Governance

    o Bias and Fairness

    · Part B: Regulations and Corporate Risk (2:15 –3:30 pm)

    o Accountability and Liability

    o Transparency and Explainability

Course Certification

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