Multidimensional Diversity

  • Multidimensional Diversity

    Diverse perspectives open doors to enhanced business success. A recent Boston Consulting Group study suggests that greater leadership diversity spurs innovation and boosts financial performance. On average, diverse companies enjoyed a 19% increase in revenue compared to their less diverse counterparts.

    SMU Cox Executive Education offers award-winning programs to raise up the diverse perspectives within your own organization.

  • Health and Safety

    The health and safety of our Cox community and program participants is a top priority. As we prepare for Executive Education courses to return to the SMU campus this fall, our courses will follow a hybrid model providing in-person and a virtual, off-site component. For these programs, teaching in person as well as online would occur simultaneously.

    These simultaneous online/in-person classes will accommodate participants with health conditions that may preclude their being on campus at this time. The classes will also be recorded, adding greater support for online participants who may live in different time zones.

Highlight: The Latino Leadership Initiative

While the Latino market is exploding, Latino leadership in America's C-suites lags behind. Rising Latino Leaders is one program of SMU Cox's Latino Leadership Initiative, which was created to narrow the gap by helping businesses boost high-potential managers up the talent pipeline — all the way to the C-suite.

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