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Military Candidates

SMU Cox is home to an invaluable Veteran community that prides itself in helping one another and the community as a whole. Through SMU Cox you will find your way to the business world as not only an experienced leader, but a competent business professional. SMU Cox enables you as a Veteran to gain a foothold knowledge of marketing, business analytics, finance, accounting, operations, real estate, strategy, and entrepreneurship. Then, you concentrate in the field that fits you best. This process gives each veteran a terrific opportunity for success and prosperity in their future career.

The leadership, critical thinking, and project management skills developed during military service are highly valued in the Cox MBA admissions process.

Do you have worries about getting back into the swing of academia? SMU Cox offers summer preparatory mini-courses in the more challenging core subjects of finance and statistics.

  • Yellow Ribbon Program

    Yellow RibbonSMU Cox is a proud participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program. If you are eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program, these benefits, along with your GI Bill benefits, will cover almost 100% of your tuition and fees for the program. We also have numerous other military scholarship opportunities offered by private donors that can potentially add to these benefits or help with the cost of the program if you are not eligible for Yellow Ribbon.

    Do you have worries about getting back into the swing of academia? SMU Cox offers summer preparatory mini-courses in the more challenging core subjects of finance and statistics.

  • Niemi Fellowship

    The Niemi Center awards fellowships to SMU Cox students to conduct world-changing research in conjunction with George W. Bush Institute staff and/or Cox Faculty. One area of focus is the Military Service Initiative at the George W. Bush Institute. Fellows will help unite and empower communities, nonprofit military service organizations, business, academia, philanthropy and individual citizens to effectively support post-9/11 service members, veterans and their families in the areas of jobs, wellness, family, education, housing, and women’s veteran issues.Bush Institute logo

    The George W. Bush Institute’s Military Service Initiative (MSI) honors the service and sacrifice of post-9/11 veterans and military families by bridging the civilian-military divide and fostering a successful transition and reintegration from military service to civilian life. Through research, policy development, programs, and Presidential recognition, MSI informs, influences, and unites communities, non-profit organizations, businesses, academia, and philanthropy to maximize the health and well-being of post-9/11 veterans and military families, setting the conditions for a successful transition and their continued leadership as civilians.

  • Veterans in Business Club

    Carry the Load

    The Mission of the Veterans in Business Club is to empower SMU Cox MBA veterans with a robust professional and personal support network in order to successfully transition into the corporate world while continuing to honor those who serve by giving back to the community.

    We envision our role as an enabler of individuals and the school to achieve aims of each party. We want to help the veteran community in any way we can. That help can be introductions to military friendly companies, transition help, or just knowledge about our experiences at the Cox School of Business.

    Events we have had in the past include participation in Carry the Load, Veterans Day Tailgates, Deloitte CORE Leadership Program, Veteran Clothing drives, and happy hours.

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  • Associate Board Mentor Program

    This is a program for all Students that offers a link into the Dallas Business Community. Connect with alumni from the Cox School of Business and Dallas business professionals that have transitioned from the military into the business world before you have.

    While not all alumni and business professionals have military experience, there are over 260 executive mentors that want to partner with you for your successful transition.

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  • Dallas-Fort Worth

    Veterans DayDallas is home to SMU Cox School of Business and 24 Fortune 500 Companies which utilize SMU Cox as a talent rich platform for hiring business professionals.

    The Dallas-Ft Worth area is a tremendously veteran friendly area, and an excellent place to start a new career. The cities boast a large veteran population, with numerous networking organizations tied to the Cox School of Business and its Veterans In Business club. The DFW area is also host to the headquarters of some of the largest and most veteran friendly companies in the country. Companies such as Flour, 7-Eleven, AT&T, Frito-Lay, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines call the DFW area home and give SMU's full time MBA students convenient access to build their networks and get a jump start on their job search!

    Proven Results
    Below is a list Companies that have recently hired Veterans:


     Tenant Health


     The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano



    JPMorgan Chase & Co


    Bank of America/Merrill Lynch


    Wells Fargo

     FTI Consulting

    Prudential Capital

     Hitachi Consulting

    Procter and Gamble


    RBC Capital Markets


    L3 Communications

     Goldman Sachs

    Toyota Financial Services

     American Airlines

    Fifth Third Bank

     Hewlet Packard

    JLL Incorporated

     Essilor of America

    At the Cox School of Business we value your Military Service and Leadership Experience. We participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program, there is no admission fee, and we offer scholarships and fellowships to veterans.


    • Accessible - The SMU Cox Admissions team travels the world looking for the best and brightest candidates. We participate in The MBA Tour, QS World Tour, Forte Foundation, Inside the MBA and attend other career fairs around the country and world. Typical cities visited include Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Houston, NYC, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Delhi. Check our admissions site regularly for updates where we will be here.
    • Knowledgeable - Cox admissions staff are all well versed in military culture and are all competent and capable of helping military applicants.
    • Flexible- Our staff is understanding of deployments, military trainings, and changes of military decisions and work with applicants one on one. We offer deferments for military reasons and Skype Interviews for candidates that cannot attend in person interviews. In addition to your application, we accept your most recent AER/NCOER/OER for added value to your admission packet.

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