Full-Time Two-Year MBA

One of the primary reasons I chose SMU is because it's located in Dallas. I have met so many incredible people that are willing to talk to SMU students, they respect SMU students and are excited to hire SMU students.

Jenkins Bender, Class of 2021

Development Analyst, Stream Realty Partners

  • Career Development

    • We know you're making a major investment when you commit to earning your MBA. We believe it's our business to help you get the most out of your experience. From the moment of your acceptance through your life as an alum, SMU Cox is committed to enriching your career path and creating meaningful connections and opportunities for you.

  • Career Management Center

    From the moment your program begins, you’ll collaborate with our team in the Career Management Center. Our students benefit from career coaching, grow their reach when searching for a job and participate in unique career treks. Our mission is to make sure you achieve your professional goals, during and after your MBA studies.

    The CMC's partnerships with top employers both inform their advice, and provide you vital connections. They can assist you with:

    • Insightful career mapping and planning
    • Dynamic resume building
    • Challenging interview prep and mock interviews
    • Salary negotiation strategy and more
    • Dedicated career counselor/coach with one-on-one coaching tailored to meet your needs

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  • Heart of Dallas

    Home to 24 Fortune 500 and 42 Fortune 1,000 headquarters, with more moving in each year, our region offers our students access to diverse and vibrant industries. Consistently ranked as the best big city for jobs, and the number one city for job growth, Dallas also offers an affordable quality of life for a major metro market.


  • Representative Hiring Companies & Partners

    Expand your professional network and gain access to hundreds of corporate partners and hiring companies. The Career Management Center collaborates with top employers to both inform their coaching preparation and advice. Our employers and corporate partners contribute to the strength and success of the Cox community, and provide you with vital connections to advance your career.

  • Highlight: The Cox Mentorship Academy

    The Cox Mentorship Academy is a unique component of the support system that you'll find at SMU Cox. The program pairs you with a high-ranking business executive in your field for one-on-ones that give you a deep personal connection to Dallas's global 500 business community, as well as invaluable career insights and advice. With a roster of executive mentors representing national and global corporations and entrepreneurial ventures from every major industry, the Cox Mentorship Academy is a hallmark of our commitment to your success.

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