University-Wide Subclasses

11110 Royalty Payments

Objective: Expense category for the University Form 990.

Description: Track all amounts for royalties, license fees and similar that allow the organization to use intellectual property such as patents and copyrights.

11200 Training Expenditures

Objective: Track what the University spends on training classes and courses.

Description: All fees and costs associated with taking a training class or program that support knowledge or skill development related to one's job are to be charged to this subclass. This includes classes or courses attended in a classroom, taken interactively via the internet, and self-paced training (computer-based).

11205 Classroom Tech Expenditures
Objective: Track technology expenditures used in or for the classroom.
Description: All technology expenditures associated with deployment or implementation of computer technology within a classroom are to be charged to this subclass. This includes the costs of Desktops (PCs/Macs), electronic podiums, projection systems, video conference systems, electronic carts with VCRs or other recordings systems, cameras, and electronic whiteboards.

11100 AP Donation Tracking

Objective: Track donations made by or on behalf of the University.

Description: All donations made to third-parties by or on behalf of the University should be assigned this subclass to enable AP tracking of such donations.