Student Application Process

Students who wish to attend classes on the SMU-in-Taos campus must submit an online application and be accepted. Acceptance is based upon the submission of a completed application and program eligibility. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the late application deadline or courses fill, whichever comes first. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible to best ensure enrollment in preferred term(s) and course(s). There is no application fee. 

From Application to Enrollment

  1. Review course listing and submit online application via StudyAway website **No payment or financial commitment at this stage**

  2. Receive notice of acceptance, wait list, etc. Students will be checked by SMU Student Affairs regarding their eligibility to attend SMU-in-Taos. This can take up to two weeks.

  3. Confirm courses and attendance via StudyAway application.  This step requires a financial commitment.  Students should consult with parents, advisors, etc. prior to making this commitment. 

  4. SMU-in-Taos will enroll student via my.SMU **Students cannot enroll themselves in courses at SMU-in-Taos.** 

  5. Check My.SMU to ensure enrollment and charges are correct. Take note of the payment deadline for the term. Students should NOT make travel arrangements prior to confirming their enrollment in SMU-in-Taos.

  6. Submit payment for tuition/course fees.

  7. Attend Mandatory Orientation in Dallas.

  8. Arrive in Taos on correct date.

Please note: Students must clear all holds prior to enrollment, this includes completing the SMU Rights and Responsibilities requirements and paying any overdue fees. 

Students cannot withdraw from SMU-in-Taos courses via my.SMU.  To add, drop or swap a course, students must send an email to and provide full name, SMU ID number and the term and course to be dropped/swapped.  Room and board fees cannot be refunded at any time.

Please be aware of all SMU-in-Taos policies, including those relating to Student Affairs and cancellations/refunds, prior to applying for courses.