Simmons MS Health Promotion Management Course Descriptions (credit hours)

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Total Credit Hours From Simmons: 28

COX Business and Management Course Descriptions (credit hours)

ACCT 6201 Financial Accounting I (2)
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of preparing and understanding financial statements targeted to external users.

MNO 6201 Organizational Behavior: Managing and Leading People (2) Strengthens the skills students need to become effective leaders. Topics include transitioning successfully from individual contributor to effective leader, motivating others for peak performance, identifying traps that prevent effective decision-making, acquiring skills to manage conflict, identifying strategies for becoming a person of influence, and navigating through dilemmas associated with performance management.

MNO 6202 Leading Teams and Organizations (2) Provides students the analytical and behavioral tools necessary to effectively develop and utilize groups of people to accomplish organizational strategies and goals. Describes critical theories, concepts, and contemporary practices to successfully identify the threats and opportunities teams face and take action to improve organizational culture and structure. Provides insight into the key factors that separate successful teams from the many that fail. Explains how to harness the power of teams, relational dynamics, and organizational systems to drive firm performance and innovation. Required for the management concentration.

MNO 6212 The Management Consulting Process (2) This practical and applied course in consulting covers topics such as defining an effective consultant, understanding client needs, and implementing change. Also, strategic approaches to marketing, data gathering techniques, and tactics for ending an engagement. Requires students to develop an action plan. Prerequisite or corequisite

FINA 6201 Managerial Finance (2) An analysis of the basic problems in corporate financial management. The course is organized around the theme of asset valuation. Topics covered include stock and bond valuation, capital budgeting, cost of capital, market efficiency, and company valuation.

Total Credit Hours From COX: 10

Total Program Hours: 38