Peer Academic Leaders

Peer Academic Leaders (PALs) are a diverse group of undergraduate students with common goal to help students better understand the University/Common Curriculum, utilize academic resources, and navigate academic challenges. Under the direction of the UAC, PALs work directly with students in their Residential Commons, empowering them to take ownership of their collegiate careers through mentorship and educational programming.

For questions or additional information about the PAL program, please contact Sheumona Miller or Dee O'Banner.

Amber Franklin

  • Hometown: LaGrange, GA.
  • Major: Health and Society and Biology
  • Minor: Psychology.

Ella Collard

  • Hometown: Dallas, TX
  • Majors: Finance and Computer Science

Sivani Ramesh Kumar

  • Hometown: India 
  • Majors: psychology and data science
  • Minors: statistics and photography

Sakshi Anand Hinduja

  • Hometown: Mumbai, India
  • Major(s): Finance, Operations Research and Engineering Management, and Data Science 

Melanie Cloud

  • Hometown: Grove, OK
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Minors: Classical Studies, Religious Studies, Math

Viktoriya Kuchina

  • Chicago IL
  • Major: Health and Society
  • Minors: Latin, Classics, Russian 

Elizabeth McPherson

  • Hometown: born and raised in Dallas!
  • Currently enrolled in Accelerated Pathways for an MS in Operations Research

Vedant Nilabh

  • Hometown: Irving, TX
  • Majors: Finance, Computer Science, Data Science
  • Minor: Math