Intern Program Testimonials


Christian Watkins (M. Div. '19)

Photo of Christian Watkins"My Perkins internship taught me the intricate details of what it means to be in effective ministry with and for those who are often relegated to the outskirts of society. I learned so much more of the power and gifts God that has equipped me with through intentional interaction, and empathetically commiserating with the downtrodden and overlooked, and taking their stories to the seats of power, whether it be in the church or at city hall. Social justice ministry and faithful public witness is a hard task in such a sordid world we live, yet it is also empowering. Through both my Internship and my post-graduate fellowship with the General Board of Church and Society of The United Methodist Church in Washington, DC, I am equipped for better service. I have caught a glimpse of what Moses experienced when admonishing Pharaoh to ‘let my people go,’ and the subsequent work of seeing it through to completion. To God be the glory in edifying God’s people!”

Lataya Simpson (M. Div. '18)

Photo of Lataya Simpson"The Perkins Internship helped me be intentional about seeing God in the midst of doing ministry, whether it’s fulfilling and wonderful experience; or the less-than-pleasant encounters that we sometimes experience in ministry. I was able to explore the tough learning experiences I had with a seasoned mentor, which I desperately needed. I was a solo pastor without a direct supervisor at my church to lean on for advice. Because the time we spent together as Mentor and student was very structured, we were able to have incredibly fruitful and memorable conversations. Today, I value structured mentorship and theological reflection which helps me a great deal in ministry today as I work through a global pandemic. Now, I can be a mentored and also be a mentor. I am truly grateful for the Perkins Internship program."


Benjamin McCoy (Min. Div. '20)

Photo of Benjamin McCoy"Clinical Pastoral Education has provided me with essential tools on how to better understand myself and people in need. CPE continues to strengthen me in areas that were unknown to me. The structure, supervisors, and group dynamics are what make CPE a powerhouse of learning. I encourage all individuals who want to go into ministry to have at least one CPE unit. "