Center for Global Health Impact

The Center for Global Health Impact at SMU aims to save lives in communities with poor access to healthcare throughout the world. We promote innovative approaches that bring effective and affordable health solutions to those who need them and in ways they will use them.


The Center works with researchers from around the world to develop new tools to improve global health solutions. Current projects include low-cost eLearning courses and virtual reality simulators designed to reduce the time and cost required to train practitioners in the surgical management of postpartum hemorrhage and cervical cancer. Learn more on our Research page.

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The Center trains students in global and public health through internships, service opportunities, and courses. These opportunities go beyond the classroom by challenging students from all academic and demographic backgrounds to create practical solutions to global health issues. Learn more on our Training page.  

Impact Report

During the 2019-2020 academic year, the Center continued to develop innovative ways to deliver high quality health care, and trained others to do the same. Learn more in the 2019-2020 Impact Report.

News from the Center for Global Health Impact

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