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Center for Global Health Impact

The Center for Global Health Impact at SMU aims to save lives in developing countries and in poor settings through innovation approaches that bring effective and affordable health solutions to those who need them and in ways they will use them.

A Critical Need 

Over the past two decades there have been tremendous advances in medicine.  Highly active antiretroviral medications have helped turn HIV/AIDS from a fatal disease into a chronic illness in many parts of the world.  Vaccines can now prevent most infectious diseases that have killed babies and young children for millennia.  In addition, advances in genetic, social and environmental research are changing our perceptions and approaches to a host of diseases, from mental illnesses to cancers.

Despite these significant advances, diseases that are easy and inexpensive to diagnose and treat continue to debilitate and kill millions of poor people throughout the world. The challenges in global health are not primarily medical problems. Today’s global heath challenges are largely problems of outreach and distribution.  

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To save more lives in global health, we must more effectively get medical solutions to people who need them, in ways that they want and will use them and at prices that they can afford.  These solutions require more than scientific innovations.  They require innovative approaches that cross academic, organizational, cultural and national boundaries. 

SMU – World Changers Shaped Here

SMU is committed to global health and saving lives.  We have outstanding faculty with global experience across the campus, including business, basic and social sciences, engineering, education, law, as well as the arts and humanities.  The SMU campus boasts a wide array Centers and Institutes that complement our global health work and have expertise innovation, entrepreneurship, poverty reduction, community engagement, program evaluation, interdisciplinary scholarship, and policy.  In addition, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, a global public private partnership to combat cervical and breast cancer, is based upon the SMU campus at the George W. Bush Presidential Center.  

SMU is based in Texas, the home to nine medical schools, 23 schools of public health, a large array of health and technology focused businesses and organizations and three presidential centers.

Global Health Impact News and Events

SMU Centre For Global Health Impact Co-Hosted Honorary Doctorate Symposium: Creating Impact in Global Health
CGHI hosted SMU’s 2016 Honorary Doctorate degree recipient – Dr. Groesbeck Parham . The World Affairs Council of Dallas-Fort Worth and the Center co-hosted a Symposium to highlight creating impact in global health using simple, innovative solutions.

Dallas Festival of Ideas
The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture in partnership with The Dallas Morning News, hosted the second annual Dallas Festival of Ideas on February 19-20 at Fair Park.