Inter-Term (May) and Summer Term Financial Aid Options for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students enrolled in courses offered in Dallas, or in Taos, New Mexico, are required to submit the Undergraduate 2017 Summer Term Request for Financial Aid to the Office of Financial Aid. This request for can also be found in the Financial Aid Forms Library under the “Summer Forms” section.

Students who received SMU merit-based and/or need-based financial aid during the previous regular academic year (fall/spring terms) may receive a pro-rated award amount from each of these financial aid programs based solely on the number of hours enrolled.  The combined total of all merit and need based awards cannot exceed tuition and fees.

Students who entered SMU as a freshman may receive SMU merit-based and need-based aid for summer enrollment no more than twice. Transfer students are restricted to only one summer of eligibility.

Beginning the summer of 2017, there is no minimum hour requirement for SMU merit-based or need-based aid programs.   The SMU Summer Loan and all federal aid programs require a combined total of six (6) or more enrolled hours.

Per regulation, funds may be disbursed no sooner than ten (10) days prior to the first day of class.  All funds will be applied through the student account.

For detailed information regarding May and Summer term programs, go to