Federal Work Study - What is It?

The Federal Work Study program is a need-based work opportunity. Students who are eligible for FWS can apply for on or off-campus work study jobs, and earn their FWS award as hourly wages.

  • Eligibility for the Federal Work study program is based on financial need, determined by the Financial Aid Office each year once a student has submitted a FAFSA. Eligible students will see the Federal Work Study award listed as part of their Financial Aid package (you can review your eligibility by logging into my.SMU)
  • Accepting the FWS award in your financial aid package indicates that you intend to apply for and participate in FWS. Being eligible for FWS does not guarantee you a job, and there is no obligation to participate even after you accept the award.
  • A FWS award is not guaranteed - it indicates a student's eligibility to apply for jobs classified as "federal work study". The FWS award is earned as hourly wages, and paid directly to the student via biweekly paycheck.
  • Any student job on-campus at SMU can be hired as Federal Work Study (please indicate that you are FWS eligible when you apply). We also have an off-campus Tutoring and Community Service Program open to our FWS eligible students.