Requirements for Pre-Fall 2019 Matriculation

International Studies, B.A.

A student must take 15 hours from the basic curriculum for either the major or minor in International Studies. This means that a total of five courses must be taken from the basic curriculum. The 5 courses/15 hours must include: one course from Introduction to World Cultures; one course from International Politics; one course from International Economics; and two courses from The Global Perspective. Courses in Global Perspective do not have a regional focus. Of the 15 hours required in the basic curriculum, at least six hours must be in courses at the 3000 level or above. Courses taken in the basic curriculum do not double count in the regional specialization.

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International Studies minor

Requires 15 hours of coursework from the basic curriculum, nine hours of which must be in courses at the 3000 level or above. Among the 15 hours of coursework, one course must come from World Cultures, one course must come from International Politics, one course must come from International Economics, and two courses must come from The Global Perspective. A co-curricular requirement is one year of college-level study or equivalent of a foreign language. Courses taken in language study do not count toward the 15 hour requirement. Latin does not count as a second language, because the intent is to prepare the student for employment in the contemporary world.

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