Embrey Human Rights Program

The 2016 Triumph of the Spirit Award Celebration may be over, but our VOICES continue to rise!



While the award happens every two years, the Embrey Human Rights Program is hard at work every day! We can help you get involved with human rights by:

> Joining a global trip
Attending a lecture or screening
> Becoming a student
> Volunteering in the community
> Funding creative initiatives

George Takei is speaking at SMU on February 2nd...mark your calendars!



Thank you for your interest and support!

For more information on who we are and what we do, visit: www.smu.edu/humanrights



Thoughtfully produced to entertain and inspire, the TRIUMPH OF THE SPIRIT AWARDS honor the accomplishment, commitment and innovation of two human rights leaders – Dallas-based and global. Granted by the SMU Embrey Human Rights Program (EHRP), these awards are unique among institutions of higher education in the United States. Funding is provided by an anonymous donor, whose generosity challenges us all to participate in making the world a better place.

Each year, the Spirit Awards gather VOICES from many facets of creative expression in a multimedia celebration of the human spirit. The immersive experience awakens hearts and minds to the potential of our individual and collective VOICES, connecting us all with our shared human capacity to speak out for justice and equality in the world around us.

In addition to media recognition and EHRP support, each Triumph of the Spirit Award recipient receives a cash prize. Global recipients receive $25,000, and local recipients receive $5000. Individuals and organizations are eligible.

Nominations for the next award cycle will open to the the public in early 2018. For more information, contact EHRP Associate Director Dr. Brad Klein at kleinb@smu.edu



GEORGES BWELLE (Founder and President of ASCOVIME), a Cameroonian physician who goes the distance to offer free healthcare and education to impoverished peoples.


CAROL BRADY HOUSTON (Director of Friday NITE Friends), a compassionate Plano-based supporter of special needs children and their families.



ELIANA ELIAS VALDEAVILLANO (Co-Founder and Executive Director of Minga Peru), a South American champion of Indigenous women's rights and creator of the FICE strategic communications training program.


BHAVANI PARPIA (Founder and President of ConnecTeach), a justice-minded education expert who connects teachers and students across the globe through a focus on gender equality.


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