Department of Psychology

Mike Chmielewski


Michael Chmielewski

Associate Professor

Expressway Tower 1300




My program of research broadly covers psychopathology and normal-range personality with an emphasis on structure and assessment in both domains. I am interested in how psychopathology and personality relate to each other as well as how to best conceptualize and classify both domains (e.g. is psychopathology dimensional or categorical in nature? How valid and reliable are DSM diagnosis?). As such, my research is based on a strong measurement foundation and the use of empirically based quantitative models, both of which I view as essential for the continued advancement of psychology as a science. One of the long term goals of my research is to expand recent quantitative models of psychopathology (i.e. the Internalizing/Externalizing model) incorporating excluded diagnoses and integrating them with normal-range personality traits.

Within this broad research framework I also have several specific lines of research in psychopathology (schizotypy, depression/anxiety, and personality disorders), assessment (e.g. scale and measure creation, measurement error), and personality (e.g. personality stability and change).

Dr. Chmielewski is currently accepting graduate students.


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