Dissertations (Last 10 years)

Anyu Zhang
Model Selection and Experimental Design of Biological Networks with Algebraic Geometry
2019 (Advisor: Stigler)

Chen Jiahui
Parallel multipole expansion algorithms and their biology applications
2019 (Advisor: Geng)

Jennifer Swenson
Swelling as a stabilizing mechanism during ion bombardment of thin films: An analytical and numerical study
2018 (Advisor: Norris)

Jean Sexton
High-order Relaxed Multirate Infinitesimal Step Methods for Multphysics Applications 
2017 (Advisor: Reynolds)

Fritz Junke
High-order implementations of the Double Absorbing Boundary 
2017 (Advisor: Hagstrom)

Jessica Schoenfeld
The existence of spontaneous parity-time symmetry breaking, asymmetric transport and defect modes in nonlinearly coupled Van Der Pol oscillators
2017 (Advisor: Aceves)

Claudia Castro Casto
Non-linearity, PT symmetry, twist and disorder in the discrete nonlinear Schroedinger equation
2017 (Advisor: Aceves)

Tom Sheffield
Collapses and ensemble dynamics in one and two dimensional weak wave turbulence 
2017 (Advisor: Aceves)

Yang Liu
The immersed interface method for flow around non-smooth boundaries and its parallelization 
2017 (Advisor: Xu)

John Lagrone
Application and Optimization of Complete Radiation Boundary Conditions
2016 (Advisor: Hagstrom)

Manprit Jutley
Studies in microfluidics electrolyte film stability and droplet evaporation dynamics
2016 (Advisor: Ajaev)

Choi Young Ok
The Galerkin Boundary Element Method for Three-Dimensional Transient Strokes Flow
2015 (Advisor: Tausch)

Jang Young
Contributions of the theory and applications of Hermite methods
2015 (Advisor: Hagstrom)

Ed Downes
Numerical simulations of nonlinear processes in light filaments

Zheng Wang
Filtered Davidson-type Methods for Large-scale Eligen-related Problems
2015(Advisor: Zhou)

Young Ok Choi 
The Galerkin Boundary Element Method for Three-Dimensional Transient Stokes Flow 
Aug 4, 2015 (Advisor: J. Tausch)

Christiaan Ketelaar Barrio
Stability of Thin Electrolyte Films on Flat and Structured Substrates 
May 17, 2014 (Advisor:  V. Ajaev)

David Gardner 
Filters for the Improvement of Multiscale Data from Atomistic Simulations
May 17, 2014 (Advisor:  D. Reynolds)

Glen Dale Pearson Jr.   
The Parallel Immersed Interface Method with a Triangular Mesh Representation of an Interface 
May 17, 2014 (Advisor: S. Xu)

Elizabeth Case 
Numerical integral equations in solidification and melting problems 
May 18, 2013 (Advisor: J. Tausch )

Alyssa Pampell 
Multiscale dynamics and stochastic forcing of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation in conceptual models 
May 18, 2013 (Advisor: A. Aceves )

Hilari Tiedeman 
Multilevel Schur complement preconditioning for multi-physics simulations 
December 15, 2012 (Advisor: D. Reynolds )

Kurt Stein 
Complete Radiation Boundary Conditions: Corner and Edge Closure Conditions 
December 15, 2012 (Advisor: T. Hagstrom )

Miguel Uh 
The immersed interface method for two-fluid problems 
May 12, 2012 (Advisor: Sheng Xu )

David Stowell
Computing Eigensolutions for Singular Sturm-Liouville Problems in Photonics
May 16, 2010 (Advisor: J. Tausch )

Jonathan L. Mitchell 
Synchronous and Asynchronous Oscillations in a Model for Antigenically Varying Malaria, Including the Effects of Constant and State-Dependent Delay 
May 15, 2010 (Advisor: T. Carr )

Iranga Nagasinghe 
Computing Principal Eigenvectors of Large Web Graphs: Algorithms and Accelerations Related to Pagerank and Hits 
May 15, 2010 (Advisor: Y. Zhou )

Jennifer A. Tarin 
Analysis of Shell Models in Relation to a New Self-Similarity Theory of the Inertial Range in Isotropic Homogeneous Turbulence 
August 4, 2009 (Advisor: M. Melander)

Jill Klentzman 
Viscous Flow, Evaporation, and Phase Explosion in Thin Liquid Films 
August 4, 2009 (Advisor: V. Ajaev )

Christina Dekany 
Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Reaction-Diffusion Equations in Two Space Dimensions 
August 4, 2009 (Advisor: P. Moore )

Michael Taylor 
Epidemic Models for Partial-Temporary Immunity with Delay 
May 16, 2009 (Advisor: T. Carr )

Md. Ziaul Haque 
An Adaptive Finite Element Method for Systems of Second-Order Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations in One Space Dimension 
August 1, 2008 (Advisor: P. Moore )

Praveen Chaturvedi 
Single Phase Flow Multicomponent Simulation in Porous Media 
May 17, 2008 (Advisor: Z. Chen )

Guanghua Cao 
Pricing and Risk Management of Variable Annuities and Equity-indexed Annuities 
December 15, 2007 (Advisor: Z. Chen )

Woon-Kwan Lam 
Pattern Formation in Non-Linear Chemical Systems 
December 15, 2007 (Advisor: P. Moore )

Juan Peng 
Transport of Multicomponents in a Fluid and Numerical Solution 
August 1, 2007 (Advisor: Z. Chen )

Youqian Zhang 
Development, Analysis and Numerical Methods For Multicomponent, Multiphase Flow in Porous Media 
August 1, 2007 (Advisor: Z. Chen )

Marina Rangelova 
Error Estimation for Fourth-Order Partial Differential Equations 
May 19, 2007 (Advisor: P. Moore )

Mulugeta Markos 
Steady Liquid Flow and Liquid-Vapor Interface Shapes in Different Groove Structures in Micro Heat Pipes 
May 19, 2007 (Advisor: V. Ajaev )