Faculty Research Areas

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Department Faculty Areas of Expertise

Kenneth Andrien
Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Chair in History

  • Latin America
  • The Americas
  • The Atlantic World
  • The Andean Region

Sabri Ates
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

  • Middle East
  • Ottoman-Iranian Relations
  • Kurdish History
  • Borderlands/Sectarianism

Rachel Ball-Phillips
Associate Lecturer

  • Asia
  • South Asian History
  • Cinema and History
  • Human Rights

Kate Carté
Associate Professor

  • United States
  • Colonial North America
  • Early Modern
  • History of Religion

John R.  Chávez
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

  • The Americas
  • North Atlantic World
  • Colonialism
  • Mexican American Borderlands

Edward F. Countryman
University Distinguished Professor 


  • The Americas
  • United States
  • Colonization
  • Native Americans

Crista J. DeLuzio
Associate Professor
  • United States
  • History of Women and Gender
  • History of Children and Childhood
  • History of Family

Melissa Barden Dowling
Associate Professor 
  • Ancient
  • Roman history, culture, archaeology and literature
  • Greek history, culture, archaeology and literature
  • Egyptian and ancient Near Eastern history and archaeology

Jeffrey A. Engel
Professor, Director of the Center for Presidential History              
  • United States
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Political History
  • The Presidency


Neil Foley
The Robert H. and Nancy Dedman Chair in History 

  • United States
  • Racial ideology
  • U.S.-Mexico borderlands
  • Immigration/nativism

Andrew R. Graybill

  • United States
  • Nineteenth Century
  • North American West
  • Borderlands and Great Plains

Jo Guldi
Associate Professor
  • Europe
  • British History
  • Digital History
  • British Empire

Rick Halperin
Adjunct Lecturer             
  • United States
  • Human Rights
  • Holocaust/Genecide
  • Death Penalty

Kenneth M. Hamilton 
Professor and Director of Ethnic Studies              

  • United States
  • American Urban History
  • African American History
  • African American Sports History
  Erin R. Hochman
Associate Professor 
  • History
  • Modern Germany and Austria
  • Nationalism
  • Political and Cultural History

Jill E. Kelly
Associate Professor  

  • Africa
  • South Africa
  • Gender
  • Oral History

Macabe Keliher
Associate Professor

  • Asia
  • Premodern and Modern China
  • Eurasian Empires
  • History of Capitalism

Thomas J. Knock
Department Chair and Professor of History and Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor             

  • United States
  • 20th Century U.S.
  • Presidential Politics
  • U.S. Foreign Relations

Bianca Lopez
W.R. Nicholson Endowed Assistant Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Studies 

  • Ancient
  • Europe
  • Italy
  • History of Christianity

Alexis McCrossen

  • United States
  • Cultural History
  • Social History
  • Business History

Brandon Miller
Adjunct Assistant Professor 

  • Russia/East-Central Europe
  • Cultural History
  • History of Everyday Life
  • Gender and Sexuality

Daniel T. Orlovsky
Professor and George Bouhe Research Fellow in Russian Studies 
  • Russia
  • Revolutions
  • Social History
  • Institutions of Culture

Ariel Ron
Glenn M. Linden Assistant Professor of the U.S. Civil War Era 
  • United States
  • Political Economy
  • Nineteenth Century History
  • Agricultural History

Kathleen A. Wellman
Dedman Family Distinguished Professor and Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor

  • Europe
  • Early Modern France
  • Intellectual History
  • Agricultural History

Laurence H. Winnie
Senior Lecturer   
  • Europe
  • Modern France
  • Society and Religion