Conference and Travel Funding

When applying for funding, please contact the appropriate office for possible revisions of the following information.

Moody School of Graduate and Advanced Studies:

  • The maximum amount of a grant is $750.
  • Travel grants cannot be awarded retroactively; proposals must be submitted before travel.
  • Only one grant per student per academic year is awarded or funded. Please prioritize your proposals accordingly.
  • Requests with matching funds from other sources have a higher priority.
  • This grant will only fund conference travel to present an accepted paper or poster (applications without accepted papers or posters are ineligible for this grant).
  • Applications are accepted year-round, and must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to travel.
  • The proposals should be sponsored by the department chair and the graduate advisor. Department chair and graduate advisor are requested not to sponsor students who could be supported from other sources such as sponsored research grants and contracts.
  • Before applying for this grant, notify your department administrator. The department will give you instructions regarding any pre-travel requirements. Procedures vary by school. If you are receiving funding from your department, they may use different procedures for reimbursement than the Moody School of Graduate and Advanced Studies. Please be sure you know your department’s requirements before your departure.

Graduate Student Assembly:

Category I ($400 limit per meeting, $800 limit per academic year): Thesis and Dissertation-Related Expenditures

  • Conference expenses at which a paper or poster is presented;
  • Travel for research;
  • Other thesis/dissertation-related work (buying or collecting data)

Category II ($150 limit per meeting, $300 limit per academic year): Conferences

  • Not Covered in Category I  i.e., attending a conference but not presenting

Category III ($50 limit per meeting, $100 limit per academic year): Photocopying

Category IV ($60 limit per meeting, $120 limit per academic year): Fee for One Year Membership In Professional Organization(s) or Journal(s)

  • Organizations or journals must be directly related to student's field of study

Category V ($100 limit per meeting, $200 limit per academic year): Miscellaneous Awards

  • Miscellaneous awards that will benefit the graduate students of Dedman College as a whole

Clements Center for SW Studies:

The William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies offers a small number of travel grants to support research on the American Southwest and the borderlands by SMU graduate students needing to visit sites beyond the campus of SMU.  Preference will be given to students who have passed their oral exams and are working on dissertations (but who have not exhausted their five-year enrollment at SMU). The Center will reimburse expenses for travel, research materials, and research-related activities, up to $500 per week.

Updated: April 2021