Internship Program

To promote learning based on practical experience and to expose students to some of the careers that can be pursued with a History major, the History Department offers the opportunity to earn up to three credit hours for an approved internship. In the past, our students have interned with the Dallas Jewish Historical Society, the George W. Bush Institute, and elsewhere!

For details about the program, schedule a meeting with Professor Kate Carte, Internship Coordinator:

Prerequisites for HIST 4397:

At least 2.500 overall GPA. 

The process for undertaking an internship for academic credit is:

1. Identify an internship of interest. 
    a. If there is an external application process, apply! Don’t hesitate to ask your history adviser or for help with the application.
    b. If this is an on campus internship sponsored by the department, apply with the online application.

    c. Deadlines for department-sponsored internships are December 1 for the spring semester; May 1 for the summer semester, and August 1 for the fall semester.


2. Identify an adviser within the department to oversee the academic component of your internship.

3. Work with this adviser and your internship supervisor to complete the Internship Learning Contract as well as the Release of Liability Waiver.

4. Enroll in HIST 4185, HIST 4285, HIST 4385 for the number of academic credits:
    a. HIST 4185: 40 hours of internship = 1 unit of credit; 
    b. HIST 4285: 80 hours of internship = 2 units of credit; 
    c. HIST 4385: 120 hours of internship = 3 units of credit

5. Compose syllabus in consultation with academic adviser.


6. Participate in the internship.

7. Complete the student evaluation, submit the completed instructor and supervisor evaluation, and receive your grade.

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