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Meet your career challenges head-on by mining the expertise of the nation's top business leaders. At SMU Cox Executive Education, you’ll gain breakthrough insights and advanced skills from a fast-paced curriculum, so you can put your new knowledge to work now and get on track to succeed in today's dynamic marketplace.






Master Negotiations

“I've been provided with some real-life negotiating experience — and now I want more.” — Les Hurley, sales executive at Red Hat Negotiating — it's a crucial skill for business and everyday situations. In her three-day Master Negotiation course, Professor Robin Pinkley teaches you powerful strategies and techniques that effective negotiators use.

Highlight: The Latino Leadership Initiative

While the Latino market is exploding, Latino leadership in America's C-suites lags behind. Rising Latino Leaders is one program of SMU Cox's Latino Leadership Initiative, which was created to narrow the gap by helping businesses boost high-potential managers up the talent pipeline — all the way to the C-suite.

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