Medieval and Renaissance Bibles:
Manuscripts and Early Printing

The Prothro Collection consists of nearly 500 Bibles from eight centuries, beginning with a handsomely illuminated manuscript of St. Jerome’s Latin Bible, written at Paris c. 1250, and an important manuscript of John Wycliffe’s late fourteenth-century translation of the New Testament into Middle English. The fifteenth-century transformation of the Bible, and of reading in general, is represented by a single leaf from Gutenberg’s first printed Bible (c. 1455) and ten other books printed with moveable type before 1500.

Illuminated Paris Vulgate Wycliffite New Testament Sarum Missal Gutenberg Bible Fragment Incunable Bible "Ready to Use" Bible Bible with Table of Contents
 Early Quarto Bible "Poor Man's Bible" Vulgate with Woodcuts Vulgate with Commentary First Dutch Old Testament Dutch Prayerbook Printed Book of Hours