“Adapted to the understandings, feelings, and perceptions of the young . . . to prepare them for the reception of those great and all important truths.”

—W. Fletcher in Hymns for Children

This exhibition explores religious books specifically written for children that were printed in Europe and America between the sixteenth and the nineteenth century. The types of books featured are Bibles, catechisms, instructional works, moral stories, devotional literature, hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs.  Authors, editors, and publishers in each of these genres utilized numerous strategies involving the choice of text, image, and physical format to entice and engage young readers.  Intended to both instruct and delight, these publications were the foundation for students’ future religious education and faith.

 Bible 100  Catechism 100  Instructional 100  Moral stories 100



Instructional Works

Moral Stories

 Devotional100  Hymns 100  BRB0193 a 100 Inscriptions 100 

Devotional Literature

Hymns, Psalms,
and Spiritual Songs

Publishing Strategies in a Variety of Formats

Inscribed Copies