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Pollock Gallery

The Pollock Gallery is located inside the Hughes-Trigg Student Center on the SMU campus at 3140 Dyer, Dallas, TX 75205.

The gallery is open to the public without charge Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Sunday and Monday.

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Sofia Bastidas
Pollock Gallery Curatorial Fellow

Please note that the gallery hours have changed to Tuesday - Saturday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Here are some exciting news of what will be happening during the Fall Semester at the Pollock Gallery:

Noodle Doodle
Marco Bruzzone Study for NoodleDoodle 2016 Courtesy of the artist

First, the opening the The Triple Carbs Society (The Built-In Kitchen of M.Duchamp) by Berlin-based artist Marco Bruzzone on September 10th at 1pm. This exhibition not only brings together important art references such as artists like Marcel Duchamp, Gordon Matta-Clark and Donald Judd, but it is also a participatory daily performance. In this new, deceptively simple conceptual piece, the artist invites the visitor to interact with contemporary art in a more sociable way, blurring the division between artist and viewer and between art and life. The art becomes a readymade as it once was with Marcel Duchamp’s own daily experience of eating simple white pasta. Visitors aren’t looking at the art, but are part of it – and are, in fact, making art and becoming art as they eat pasta.

Agustina Woodgate interviewing Provisions Library Founder Donald Russell and artist Wilfred Brunner

Following this exhibition is RadioEE by Argentinean artist Agustina Woodgate on November 8th. RadioEE was founded in 2011 as a nomadic, online, event-based bilingual radio transmission that builds relationships within communities by hosting a temporary cultural platform for sound, dialogue, and communication. RadioEE focuses on bilingual integration rather than translation, creating a democratic outlet for teaching, learning, and exchange. The transmission focuses on migration and mobility at its core, modifying its specific themes to address the local sites and scenarios it encounters.

These exhibitions were organized by Pollock Curatorial Fellow Sofia Bastidas who planned these exhibitions to connect the SMU and Dallas community to The Pollock Gallery’s programming and challenge the limits of the gallery space, by creating programs and activities that invite the public on a daily basis to actively engage with the artworks rather than participating as passive spectators.

We hope you can join us!

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