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Profiles in Leadership

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The Profiles in Leadership Awards were initiated in 2000 during the 35th Annual Women's Symposium. Their purpose is to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of women who have made a significant impact on the city of Dallas and on the quality of life for women overall.


The Gail Reese Ward Excellence in Mentoring Award commemorates Gail Ward, 1950-2003, who coordinated the SMU Women’s Symposium from 2000-2003 and created the Profiles in Leadership Awards program. It recognizes an Award recipient for especially significant contributions as a mentor to girls and women.


*Gail Reese Excellence in Mentoring Award recipient

2015 Recipients

Roberta Berger
Ashley Elsey
Pam Gerber
Liz Cedillo-Pereira
Nellie Tafalla
Merriott Terry*

2014 Recipients
Cecilia Boone
Linda Hall*
Ethene Jones
Mavis Knight
Monica Urbaniak
De'Edra S. Williams

2013 Recipients
Bette Buschow
Candice Bledsoe
Lara Pettit Gaither*
Anita Marcos
Tonya Parker
Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk

2012 Recipients
Nancy Kasten
Jill Johnson
Courtney Underwood 
Cheryl Mayo Williams*
Carolyn Wright
Abby Williams

2011 Recipients
Phyllis Bernstein*
Lois Finkelman
Candace O'Keefe Mathis
Peggy Sewell
Karen Shuford
Kathleen Wu

2010 Recipients
Michele Bobadilla
Cece Cox
Deidre Dowd Bacala
Belinda Griffin*
Christine Jarosz
Sarah Polley

2009 Recipients
Ruth Allen Mewhinney*
Effie E. Booker
Brenda Matamoras
Gwen Moore
Becky Sykes
Colleen Walker

2008 Recipients
Maurine Dickey
Laura Gonzalez
Dana Rubin Remer*
Susan Sugerman*
Vivian Taylor
Nina Vaca
Lupe Valdez

2007 Recipients
Kim Askew
Bubba Dailey
Stacy Eppers*
Dennise Garcia
Jo Hudson
Anne Marie Weiss-Armush

2006 Recipients
Dolores Gomez Barzune
Angie Chen Button
Barbara S. Cambridge*
Adelfa Botello Callejo
Kathryn Walt Hall

2005 Recipients
Gina Cotroneo
Laura Estrada
Mamie McKnight, Ph.D.*
Kathryn Waldrep, M.D.

2004 Recipients
Susybelle Lyons Gosslee
Cecilia Moreno McKay
Lekha Singh
Joy S. Mankoff
Mary Evans Sias

2003 Recipients
Rachel George
Jan Edgar Langbein
Regina Montoya
Ruth P. Morgan, Ph.D.
Suzanne K. Sprague

2002 Recipients
Suzanne Ahn, M.D.
Wanda R. Brice
Wendy A. Lopez
DeMetris A. Sampson
Sandra C. Tinkham

2001 Recipients
Adlene Harrison
Rev. Sheron Patterson
Tegwin Pulley
Delia Reyes
Virginia Whitehill

2000 Recipients
Ruth Altshuler
Vivian Castleberry
Billie Frauman
Jo Fay Godbey
Margaret McDermott
Louise Raggio
Elizabeth Rucker
Ruth Tatum